Sustainability is important. I am implementing changes to become more sustainable as a business to help protect the environment. I am very mindful to what I purchase (only if we are running out and they are used). This is what I have implemented so far:

Art Supplies

Some of my art supplies were given free from local people, businesses and a school which closed down in 2018. I am re-using these products, e.g. guillotine, paper, paint, saws, balsa wood, mosaics, craft materials, aprons, specialised paint, fabric, etc. 

Some junk such as cardboard, tubes, are re-used into art, like sculptures.

My late Grandad had lots of cotton, which I am re-using.

All empty tubes from the paints are recycled.

Used paper, metal and plastic is recycled.

Soft plastic is taken to the local Co-op to be recycled.

I teach the clients to be mindful on how much materials to use, such as squeezing too much acrylic paint, cutting at the edge of fabric, using scrap paper.

I am careful to how much acrylic paint is washed down the sink. I either let it dry and peel it off the pallets or put it on disposable palettes. Palettes are saved for regular clients using the Stay Wet approach. 

I am reducing the range of colours of paints, to include mainly pure colour paints (e.g. PG36), not pre-mixed ones.

I keep some of my old brushes to be used for different painting textures.

Water pots are recycled jam jars.


I use packaging from a local business which I am re-using.

I use biodegradable tape.

I use biodegradable / recycled brown parcel wrap.


Bin liners are biodegradable.

Wet wipes are biodegradable.

I use Miniml Refills for anti-bacterial spray and hand wash and Ecover for washing up liquid. 


Where possible, I group children into family groups, so there aren't repeated trips to lessons.

Some children walk to the studio from their local school or home. 

Some clients car share. 

I work mainly onsite in my home studio, so there is no need for commuting!


I use Whist candle wax for beautiful, calming scents. Kerry is very eco conscious....and they smell amazing.

I have a lot of plants in the studio to help with the air quality.

The heating is fixed to eco when the room is not being used.

Some furniture used to be my Grandads. 

The workshop installed was second hand. 

This list will continue to grow as I implement more sustainable procedures. 

Updated: January 2022