My Services

Individual Tuition

Art tuition for adults & children

Group Art Tuition

Group art tuition for children, families & adults.

One to One Art Tuition

Specific one to one art tuition focusing on strengthening skills and theory or creating a piece of artwork.

Regular & Mini-Lessons

Fortnightly or weekly art lessons in Worcestershire Term Time to develop skills, boost confidence, relax & exploring chosen media & materials. Or create a piece of artwork, through a set amount of mini-lessons.

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Workshops & Courses

Workshops for children and adults

Acrylic Painting Workshops

Acrylic painting for adults, families, out of school holiday clubs & events, travelling to various locations.

Seasonal & Specific Art Workshops

Seasonal & specific art workshops for children, adults, families, out of school holiday clubs & events, parties, travelling to various local locations. 

Online Courses

Coming soon!

Art in Education Consultant

Supporting primary schools with the art curriculum

Primary Art Planning

Support with art planning, covering the art primary curriculum.

Arts Coordinator Support

Art coordinator support with the arts curriculum, audits, action plans & more.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Art CPD training with educational professionals.


Art teaching & extracurricular clubs.

School Art Exhibitions

School art exhibitions to promote artwork and confidence.


Artist & Painter

Original paintings, commissions, giclee prints & greeting cards

Acrylic painter

Original acrylic artwork, which is inspired by the natural world & travelling.


Commissions available. Please contact for a discussion & quote.

Giclee Prints & Greeting Cards

Giclee prints & greeting cards are available directly and in local cafes & shops.


"All children produce some amazing artwork, some of which the parents couldn't believe."