Terms and Conditions

1: Definitions

1.1: “Our”, “We”, “Us” refers to the business of Nicki Reg. 1.2: “You”, “Your” refers to the person/parent/legal guardian/organisation/company requesting the lessons from Nicki Reg. 1.3: ‘Regular Lessons’ refers to a set day and time every week or every other week in Worcestershire Term Time (for e.g. weekly art lessons at 5pm-6pm every Monday in term time). 1.4: ‘Workshops’ refers to a block set of art lessons with specific dates (for e.g. Beginners to Acrylic on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th May, 9am-11am). 1.5: ‘Mini Lessons’ refers to a set of lessons over a course of given hours / days (for e.g. 3 hours of lessons to complete a painting).

1:6: ‘Online Lessons’ refers to a lesson/workshop or a set of lessons over a course of given hours / days taught remotely online.

2: Orders / Acceptance

2.1: Bookings are made through Us via telephone calls, in person, messages, email or booking forms. 2.2: A personal detail or booking form needs be completed by You with up to date contact and emergency information of You / Your child. 2.3: If You / Your child has a medical condition and/or takes life-saving medication, You will need to complete a care plan, which will be used during emergencies. We will not administer over the counter medicines or non-life-saving medication to Your child.

3: Charges

3.1: Our charges are as set out in the Price List. 3.2: To secure Mini Lessons and Workshops, payment will need to be paid within 48 hours of the booking, which is to be paid in full for the whole block. 3.3: To secure Regular Lessons, payment will need to be paid in full in half term blocks, by the first lesson. 3.4: To secure Workshops, payment will need to be paid in full 7 days before the first lesson.

3.5: To secure Online Lessons, payments will need to be paid in full 48 hours before the start of the first lesson.

3.6: Vouchers will need to be paid in full during the purchase. 3.7: If You wish to change or cancel the date and/or time of Your / Your child’s Regular Lesson, Mini Lessons, Workshops or Online Lessons,, You must communicate these to Us verbally, by a telephone call, message or email. It’s Our discretion whether lessons can be moved to a different time and/or day. 3.8: If You wish to cancel Your / Your child’s Regular Lessons, Mini Lessons, Workshop or Online Lessons Our cancellation charges are as detailed below. These will be made at the discretion of Us.
  • Regular Lessons: Notice given greater than half a term = 0%
  • Regular Lessons: Notice given less than half a term = 100%
  • Mini Lessons: Notice given greater than 7 days = 0%
  • Mini Lessons: Notice given less than 7 days = 100%
  • Workshops: Notice given greater than 7 days prior to the first lesson = 0%
  • Workshops: Notice given less than 7 days prior to the first lesson = 100%
  • Online Lessons: Notice given greater than 48 hrs = 0%
  • Online Lessons: Notice given less than 48 hrs prior to the lesson = 100%
3.9: If You / Your child arrives late, then it’s Our discretion whether the Regular Lesson, Mini Lesson, Workshop or Online Lesson ends at the pre-arranged time or is able to be taught to its full pre-arranged quota. 3:10 If You / Your child fails to turn up to a lesson / workshop, then the lesson will be paid for in full, due to taking up places for other potential customers and time taken up. 3.11: Should You owe Us monies from outstanding lessons, then We reserve the right to decline future bookings until Your account is settled with Us. 3.12: Payment can be made via BACS, cheque or cash. 3.13: If We have to cancel Regular Lessons, Mini Lessons, Workshops and Online Lessons due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, then no payments will need to be made by You. We will contact You to rearrange a lesson/workshop. If payment has been given, it will move to the newly arranged date.

4: Your Responsibilities

4.1: It’s Your responsibility to inform Us if You / Your child has any medical conditions or special requirements. 4.2: Please ensure that You / Your child is suitably dressed for the lesson / workshop, as clothes could be damaged due to the art materials that are used. 4.3: It’s Your responsibility to give Us up to date contact and emergency details in order to contact You or next of kin in emergencies. If circumstances change, You must give Us your new contact details by the next lesson or workshop. 4.4: It’s Your responsibility to notify Us with any changes to permissions and health conditions for You / Your child. A care plan will need to be completed by You.

5: Our responsibilities

5.1: We will provide art lessons, teaching the skills, knowledge and understanding of art. 5.2: Delegates will be treated equally and fairly regardless of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, needs and disabilities. 5.3: Where necessary, We will adapt the teaching to meet an individual’s needs. 5.4: If We feel there is a safeguarding concern with a child or a vulnerable adult, We will record the incident and contact the local authority safeguarding board, adult social care or the child’s school DSL directly. 5.5: We will apply Our Emergency First Aid at Work and Emergency Paediatric First Aid training if You / Your child suffers an injury or illness. An accident form will be completed by Us and shared with You. 5.6: In the rare event of a serious or life-threatening situation occurring. The lessons or workshop will have to stop immediately to deal with the situation. We will contact You immediately to collect your child. 5.7: Misbehaviour of Your child will be verbally disciplined by Us and discussed with You at the end of the lesson. If behaviour is very disruptive to other children and Us, is continuous, or puts Us and other children in danger then We will exclude the child from art lessons and workshops in the future.

5:8: If You or Us are starting to show signs of COVID-19 symptoms, then the Lessons/Workshop will stop immediately. We will contact You immediately to collect your child.

6: Information Provided by and to Nicki Reg

6.1: Your / Your child’s personal information will be collected solely for the purpose of administering the lessons and workshops and for emergencies. 6.2: Permission for photographs will be sought from You before any photographs are taken. 6.3: Any planning, training and presentation materials used are copyright to Nicki Reg. Any prints, cards and paintings produced by Nicki Reg are copyright to Nicki Reg. These may not be used, copied or reproduced without written permission from Nicki Reg.

7: Privacy

7.1: For information about how We might collect and use the information You give Us, the conditions under which We may disclose it to others, how we keep it secure and Your legal rights in relation to any personal information we hold, please refer to Our Privacy Policy. 7.2: Any child details, adult details, booking forms and care plans will be destroyed due to GDPR law after 6 months of Your / Your child’s last lesson, unless specified by the adult, parents or legal guardian.

7.3: Your details will have to be passed to NHS Track and Trace if We or other clients You have been in contact with, has been tested positive for COVID-19. Please see the Returning to Art Lessons Policy.

Copyright: Nicki Reg 2020 June 2020