Do you want to grow as a business?

Do you have a love-hate relationship with social media? Sometimes you may get quite a following, wonderful comments or an influx of likes, which really gives you a buzz, and then all of a sudden algorithms play a game with us and then we get frustrated with social media and you think everyone dislikes your imagery, videos or stories. You don't know what to do for the best...Is it your imagery? Is it your stories? Don't they like me? Argghhh! You may feel that you want to give up. Don't!

As you know, social media is growing so much. It is certainly a fantastic way to network, find out about events, support and love businesses, be inspired by people who you can relate to, shop for products and services....and everything in-between. I believe that social media is certainly an area to invest in especially as a business wanting to branch out further afield than your home town. I knew in the future that I would need to up my game on this but how?

I used to worry about what everyone else was thinking...a lot, especially as a small self-employed business coming from a professional teaching job with a guaranteed salary. I felt I wasn't really understanding how this social media malarkey worked for me. I could see it was working for many people. But for me, the quiet one who doesn't like to be 'loud and proud' I felt I wasn't getting much interest compared to others. I'd worry that I wasn't good enough, that no one was interested in my work or what I did. I used to worry about a lot of things in general.

Now, I don't worry about things like I used to. Why? Because I went on the best course ever for my business and for mindset!!!

The Insta Retreat by Sara Tasker @me_and_orla What a woman! What a team! What a community! It's life long.

Scrolling though Instagram, I came across Sara's account with calming and authentic photography and beautiful stories she told. Of course, I followed. However it wasn't until I investigated further into her account and her website over time, that I discovered she was an Instagram coach...and she loved it! I downloaded a couple of her freebies from her site, subscribed to her newsletter and purchased her book, Hashtag Authentic, which, for someone who's not an avid reader, found her book very informative, switching on lots of light bulbs in my head.

Through her newsletters and website, I discovered she ran a course called The Insta Retreat. Reading through the aims and objectives of the course, it was ticking all the boxes I was after. However, the inner voice dithered, wondering whether to invest into the course. A couple of times I missed the enrollment as I kept listening to that voice saying, "No, don't bother."

But something kept poking me. My intuition. Something I am a believer of listening to. It kept telling me to go for it. So one day, I did. I enrolled. And yes, it did feel a bit scary to begin with.

The scary, flap soon disappeared as Sara created a pre-recorded welcome video. It was inviting with open arms, calming to the ears, very understanding (of my flap) and just lovely.

And so, the journey began...

The Insta Retreat is a fabulous course that lasts for 6 weeks (with a week break in-between to collect your thoughts). It includes a workbook, weekly live calls including life coach calls, guest live calls, a private Facebook community, podcasts, recorded calls, and over time into the course a wonderful Instagram network, who message each other every day.

The beautifully, presented workbook is split into various content each week, looking at your brand, the business and your Instagram page. What opened my eyes more was that the workbook was carefully thought out which made me think in-depth about my business as a whole, not just as an Instagram account. I looked at my branding, photography, content, value, interests, click appeal, marketing, connections, planning....I am only just touching the surface here.

Priceless, weekly, live, application calls were set up by Sara to talk about individual Instagram pages, giving advice about how to create an authentic profile. It was interesting to listen to other people's discussions with Sara as I picked up ideas which I implemented in my own account.

Sara also invited guests in on live calls who taught us insightful ways to layout flatlays for those special and eye catching grid imagery, how to create lives on Instagram, how to add value to our business and how The Insta Retreat had a massive impact on people's businesses.

During one of the weeks, clients set up Instagram groups with accounts that are similar to one another. Of course I went with the artist group. The people in this group are amazing. We support each other with fears, posts, reels, comments, likes,'s such a tight little network as we are from all over the world.

The Facebook community is so lovely. There is lots of tips and advice and those enrolled on the course all post things they are doing or things that might not be working. The recorded lives are posted on here too, so if you cannot make the lives you can catch up with them on here. Sara even puts up Promo Friday so we can all show the community what has been successful during the week.

But the magic (and the surprise) was the live mindset coaching calls Sara and Sally Hardie gave. The brave clients came on to the calls with issues that impacted their business in some way, and both Sara and Sallie got into the nitty-gritty through questioning and ways to make you deep. It was so cleverly done, that by the end of the coaching session, the clients' minds were almost like they were rewired with more clarity, space and structure, supporting the reflections for learning and growth. Sara and Sally made them understand clients' values, reconnecting with what they initially loved about life and/or work. These calls were so valuable to so many, even to those who didn't want to talk over the lives, could relate to so many conversations. I have seen so many inspirational people on these calls. Some where extremely emotional during the calls and it was just touching that people in the community were just so supportive. The comments were so heartfelt.

I bravely (sweating like mad!!!) had a live coaching session with Sally Hardie in front of an audience and I have to say the 20 minutes coaching I had was a complete eye opener, mind blowing and has changed my though process, not just with my business, but personally. Now, I reflect on my values daily, I worry a lot less, have become less of a perfectionist and use a strategy she taught me to reduced my people pleasing and dismissed what I believed in for a long time from past experiences that have impacted my life.

I have been on many courses in my life, especially in my teaching career, but I have never been on a course that is so authentic, personal, mind blowing, reflective, inspirational and valuable to my life as well as my work. The expertise of Sara and her team is outstanding. What's more, the course is life-long and can be repeated again and again, including hooking up to all the live calls (and take part if you wish) in every course block.

So if you fancy a course that is extremely valuable to your business but more importantly to you, you can click here to find out more and enroll onto the course.

My journey still continues...and I am excited to grow this wee, little business, painting and teaching art to so many wonderful people. I love the fact that I can be my authentic self in my work and in my marketing.

Go on, give it go. Let me know how you get on.

Many thanks to Sara, Sallie and the Me & Orla team!!!

This contains affiliated links, where I will earn a commission for anyone who follows my link and purchases this amazing course...The Insta Retreat.


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