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Sketchbooks are such a personal reflection of someone's life. It's a safe place for a personal escape for mindfulness, to practise, play and explore with art creativity, a journal, to develop ideas for a main piece, for risk taking and problem solving, for topic related works or to take out and about to sketch observations. You can share it with others or keep it private. It's a powerful tool for anyone, at any age.

Buying a sketchbook can be expensive and may not necessarily represent your personality. Making your own is so easy and can simplified depending on the age and ability of the maker. If you're on Instagram and a visual learner, I have made a reel showing you how to make a sewn sketchbook. This sketchbook can be made by a child with adult support or independently by teenagers and adults.

What do you need:

A variety of different types and textures of paper, e.g. watercolour, cartridge, pastel, newspaper, musical notes, wallpaper, etc.



Cotton and needle



1: Decide on the size of your sketchbook.

2: Cut the paper accordingly and fold each sheet of paper in half.

3: Put about four sheets of folder paper together to make a mini booklet. Repeat to make other mini booklets. I made four mini booklets with this sketchbook.

4: For each booklet, sew down the bind of the fold, using a running stitch. Be careful not to stab yourself with the needle. If you have trouble pushing the needle through, give it a little wriggle. Remember to tie a knot at each end. Repeat with the other booklets.

5: Put all the mini booklets together and sew through the cotton to fix them together. Remember to tie a knot at each end.

6: Open the sketchbook to where two booklets meet. Glue folded strips of paper to attach each booklet together.

7: Glue a chosen fabric around the outside of the sketchbook and cut to shape.

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